Wayland Baby #5

I'm feeling really blessed today. The Wayland family asked me to come to the hospital to photograph their four boys meeting their new baby. They went through the whole pregnancy without knowing if they were going to have girl or boy. 

I got the call that the new baby was here and I rushed straight to the hospital to get there before the boys arrived. I actually was the first to know the sex of the baby, after the parents of course. The boys entered the room and met their new baby brother and I snapped away! 

When I got home and started downloading the photos, I was hit with a lot of emotions and began to tear up. Being a part of such special memories is something I don't take for granted. I feel so honored to be able to capture my clients' lives.

I just had to share this photo as a little sneak peek. There are more sweet moments to come. Thanks to the Wayland family for letting me in and making my life a little sweeter.